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Each capsule of the food supplement menoflavon® contains 40 mg isoflavones derived from standardised red clover extract. With the help of its natural plant substances menoflavon® supports women over 40 in maintaining their wellbeing and vitality. Red clover is well known as a quantitative and qualitative potent source of isoflavones. The red clover extract used in menoflavon® guarantees an optimum supply of the four isoflavones formononetin, daidzein, biochanin A and genistein.

Which are called phytoestrogens, menoflavon® isa friend of menopause woman
Used in menopause woman:
- Cardio protection
- Bone protection against osteoporosis
- Mood elevation & increase libido
- Antioxidant

With one capsule menoflavon® you consume 40 mg isoflavones. This correlates with the average dosage of isoflavones as taken in via nutrition by Asian women.

Package size: 10 capsules